Sunday, January 20, 2013

Treading water . . . .

That best describes me right now, doing my best to keep my head above water. I’ve set a goal to stay focused and get a ton done but yikes it is tricky. It all would have been peachy if I had set myself up ahead of time for massive action, but oops! didn’t do that.

To keep things going at a fast and productive pace, I realized quickly that I needed a clean and organized office with some clear systems. That has seemed to take a bit longer than I had hoped. I did reach out and ask my mom to watch the kids so I could tackle the lovely project uninterrupted. That was amazing! I put the project on hold so I could try and catch up to my quickly growing ‘To Do’ list. I wanted to at least tackle the items with a deadline. So trying to do both with limited time is a challenge. But I’m really working on knowing it’s okay to work on things over time.

In the past I always expect everything to happen right away and complete everything right away. Which has created the issue of procrastination! If I couldn’t complete it all right then, I would put it off till I could. Which that time never actually comes so stuff never actually gets done. But now, I’m giving myself 5 min. to work on this project and 5 min. on that one every day. In a month or so, I will be done! A little commitment and dedication and I can get a ton accomplished.

So right now, keep my head above water while working on many things. But in time, I will be smooth sailing!

In light of my focus and time dedication, my time is up and I have to go . . . .


Breeta Garland
Shaklee Business Leader
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