Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A slow start . . .
It’s amazing how fast time can go unless you are doing something that is tricky for you, and then slow motion kicks in. Juggling life and trying to find the time to sit down and soul search proved to be a trickier feat than I had hoped. But luckily, something pushed me into action!
A few weeks ago I stumbled upon a program geared to helping you achieve your goals within the first 100 days of the year. Despite my decision to make decisions quickly, I couldn’t quite decide whether I wanted to participate `~I know, not a good start on the decision making! Well, they kept sending me emails, great marketing campaign I must say, and then they put a deadline on joining. So, what did I do, waited until the last night, made the decision to join and then did it!
So I started off slow, but I’m rolling now! I finally sat down and came up with my goals. Here they are, my Top 5 Goals:

  1.    I will lose 2 inches from my stomach.
  2.    I will maintain an organized office that is run from a clear system.
  3.    I will maintain clear focus by completing all daily assigned tasks.
  4.    I will help 100 people with their weight loss goals.
  5.    I will increase our income by $1000 a month.

This morning I was so proud of myself, I got up early and reviewed my goals and came up with an action plan for the day. I’m still working on finishing the list tonight, but blog post is about to be checked off ;)
My proudest moment was when I stretched my comfort zone and contacted a teacher I was talking to about our business opportunity. In the past I would have been afraid she would have thought I was being pushy, but I spoke from the heart and she said ‘Thanks so much!’ With that email, I might be able to help someone else help hundreds more people. I just have to keep that perspective in mind. By pushing myself to grow, I have the opportunity to positively impact hundreds and thousands of people. I think it is worth it!
Thoughts to grow on . . . I need to rehearse my social conversations prior to being with a group of people. Conversations with new people are challenging for me, but I think if I script it out and rehearse I will increase my success by a ton!
Ok, off to complete the list and get some sleep so I can stick to my early routine of starting my day off with a clear focused plan!
I can do it!!

Breeta Garland
Shaklee Business Leader
Ready to LIVE the DREAM?

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