Sunday, March 10, 2013

Staying true to YOU

Man! Staying true to what you believe when surrounded by conflicting thoughts can be really tough! That was something I struggled with in high school. I’m not proud to say that I lost myself and my beliefs for a couple of years, yes YEARS. Yikes! Not some of my proudest moments. But moments I do treasure for the lessons I learned. And since I had a great opportunity for practice this weekend, I’m glad I learned what I did and could put it to good use. I’m proud to say in the end, all worked out great but it was a little rocky for a moment.

For those of you who don’t know, I represent a company and product line that is designed to help support people in taking control over their lives. Control over their weight, their energy, their health, their income, and their time. It’s a complete package deal, everything to help support someone ready in making a shift in their life. It’s a program and company I believe whole heartedly in. A life style that has given me a whole new level of health that I only dreamed of for many years. A program that supports a life style that I believe can make a difference for the millions of Americans struggling with weight issues and their children. I believe by spreading the word that I can make a difference in our society as a whole. That if I can help get people healthier, I wont have to attend another funeral of 31 year old who has died of a heart attack so young in life that he wont get to meet his unborn baby. I know it’s a big dream, but I do believe it to my core. That is why I was so surprised I struggled when surrounded by adversity.

Here’s the scoop. I had the opportunity to do a booth at a mom’s sale for three days. I was one of many vendors ranging from a massage place to jewelry. One of the vendors had a product that you wrap around your body to shrink your fat cells for a short duration of time, like only days.  And then there was ME. Trying to help spread the word on how some easy lifestyle changes can make a huge difference in your health. It seems so clear to me, lifestyle shift for long term lasting results beats quick fix with no lasting results. Right? But NO!

I was so surprised how many people do not seem to care about their overall health, they just want their outside package of their body to look better for a little while with a quick no effort fix. I totally get body image issues! I’ve had them for a LONG time! But what’s the point of a change if at the stroke of midnight, you turn back into a pumpkin? Maybe just to have a short moment of joy?

I know this quick fix mentality is the mentality of, I would guess, the majority of Americans. So being in that situation, it made me question by belief. Should I jump ship and go with the masses? Bail on what I believe, for a greater wide range of approval?

Then I thought of some of the great people of our history. Martin Luther King, Jr. did not go with the masses. The Wright brothers did not sway to the belief of the masses. Dr. Shaklee, the founder of our company, did not follow in the footsteps of the masses. They ALL stuck to their beliefs, through thick and thin no matter what others thought. And through following their beliefs, they made great changes in our society.

So I asked myself, If I bail now, who will I not help gain the same amazing level of health that my family and I get to experience every day? Whose life will end earlier than expected? How will bailing on my vision and dream affect my overall mental health?

I really don’t know the answers to the questions, but I know staying true to my belief is the RIGHT thing to do. And I WILL! It might be less crowded where I stand, but we will stand strong and mighty. Lessons in life repeat until we learn them and apply them. I’m thinking this can be a lesson of completion for me. Hooray!!

What lesson will tomorrow bring?


Breeta Garland
Shaklee Business Leader
Ready to LIVE the DREAM?

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