Monday, May 6, 2013



I fell off the focus wagon! Just like that, I thought I was cruising along safely and BAM! I hit a bump and fell right off! It happened so darn fast, I think I’m still in shock!

I was doing so well too. Staying focused on my goals, reviewing them daily and getting closer to their accomplishment. I felt in control of my life and it felt GREAT! I had amazing confidence and a wonderful positive focus and energy. I had great belief in my future and how I was making a difference in the lives of others. But then I was reminded of how precious our mental strength is. That it fades just like our body muscles do when we stop exercising.

I’ve been down that road before too. I eat healthy and workout and then just stop and before I know it all my hard work and effort has faded away. I do now realize that health is not a destination but rather an ongoing lifestyle of daily choices.

I’m now realizing more than ever, that my own mental conditioning is the same way. I did not achieve control over my life and all I was doing, but rather what I was doing was giving me the upper hand. And that advantage was based on the choices that I made daily which all worked together to give me the results I desired. It almost seems so clear now looking back. I made one bad choice which made it easier to make another bad choice. It doesn’t seem to take long at all before those bad choices are no longer choices, but rather habits. It was through those quickly formed habits that I lost my focus. I lost what I was working towards and the priorities of my actions. Man, once you lose the priorities of your actions, you lose control over your dreams. And once you lose your dreams, you feel lost. Feeling lost quickly makes you feel hopeless. And BAM just like that I’m a pile of emotional mush!

I’m so disappointed with myself which I find just leads to more emotional gooshiness. I’ve listened to enough CDs and read enough books that I know what to tell myself to get out of my funk and I know that I have to bounce back, because that is the real test of success and character. But dang, I just still can’t believe how quick things can slip away from your clutches. One moment you are on top of life, and the next life is on top of you laughing.

I will rally! And just from writing this blog I already have renewed clarity that I didn’t have 20 minutes ago. I need to learn my lesson on the fragility of mental strength just like that of my body muscle strength. I have an easy plan that keeps me healthy and strong physically and I feel better than ever. Now, to put together a mental health plan to also keep my mind strong. Through that plan I have to take control over my time. I have more on my plate than I have had in a long time and it is through this over flowing plate that I have slipped and slopped life all over me. I need a plan to prioritize and rework some things to make this come together without sacrificing the pursuit of my goals. I need to get creative and disciplined. This is the time for serious focus and determination. I think I need to stop blaming myself and provide a little forgiveness. What we learn in life makes us stronger. I will measure a lot of knowledge out of this experience and move on with great strength!

Breeta Garland
Shaklee Business Leader
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