Monday, February 18, 2013

Early bird gets the worm

A cleaver old saying meaning the one who gets up early and gets to it, gets more benefits than those still sleeping. This is what I applied to my life this week, minus the worm; although, I did randomly see a large one this week.

Last week I had the realization that I needed to take some serious responsibility for the things in my life that I could control and make some changes with. When I looked at all the things on my list and reflected on what I could do, the same thing came up for all of them. Crazy! (I love how writing things down and reflecting opens a window of clarity that seems to just magically appear.) I was so surprised to realize that if I got up way earlier than I typically do, that I could make some serious changes in my life.

I use to get up at about 6 am when my kids woke up. I would start my day with my workout and then get ready at the same time my kids would be getting ready and eating breakfast. My husband is home in the morning, so he would assist the kids while I did all I needed to do. This approach to our morning was rushed, crazy, and resulted in me leaving for work feeling like a bad mom. It really was not good for anyone.

So I realized, if I was all ready when my kids got up in the morning, that I could spend more time with them and be available to help them be successful in the morning. I even decided to get up a little earlier so I could get some work done when my brain is nice and fresh in the morning. So that is what I did! I got up at 4 am and had some awesome successful mornings. All was peachy, but then my kids decided to get up at 5 instead of 6, I can’t quite figure out why. That put a little bit of a wrench in the plan. We still did way better, I just didn’t get the work done I wanted to do.

This week, I’m putting the same plan into action. However, I have to make a tweak. I have to get to bed earlier. I was trying to get so much done that I went to bed late and got up early and was running on empty. I have to maintain the plan, so sleep has to be on the list to achieve as well. I’m really learning more about balance and moderation, so I know I can do it. As time goes on, I will get better at getting things done faster and stream line all that I can. I’m making the most out of early minute. Speaking of which, its time for me to go to bed.

Till next week . . .

Go get your worm!

Breeta Garland
Shaklee Business Leader
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