Thursday, February 7, 2013

Back to the BASICS!

Well the fact that I’m a few days behind on writing this entry from my target day of Sunday, only means hmmm? I didn’t quite manage to get all assigned tasks done on time. BUT, I decided I had to make some tweaks. That is what successful people do, they don’t wait until the plan is perfect, they tweak along the way.

What I’m learning this week is focus on the basics, the foundation principals. If I stick to the basics, in time it will all come together. So one major tweak has been trying to get to bed on time. I find when I am rested, I’m emotionally stable and way more productive. But the down side is, I get less stuff done the night I go to bed early. So, I’m kinda pulling an every other night thing. I’m gonna see how it goes and tweak as needed.

I’ve learned too, to stick to the plan! I’ve been working on reaching out to people to see who is interested in losing weight and gaining better health. I set a target of people to contact each night, but some nights I go way over. Great right! It is until the follow up all hits at the same time and then I get bogged down and cant reach out to as many. So, again, stick to the basics of continual effort and action will get me to my goal destination. And by continual, I mean DAILY!

My plan for next week is to ensure my nightly task list is complete and reviewed prior to me sitting down to start action. That way I wont lose any precious time. I feel like I have gained a ton of time by simply switching my internet home page to Google instead of Yahoo. No more news reading time wasting. But I must admit, that I have absolutely NO idea what is going on in the world. But I figure anything that major, I hear about at work.

Ok, Blog task complete and now off to the next item of action reaching out to help more people! My goal is 100 by April, I have to go put my consistent action into play!

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