Friday, September 25, 2009

The Power of WHY

Well it has been about a month now that I have gotten refocused on our Shaklee business after having the baby. It has been so nice to be doing 'business' thinking and planning during the day to break up the diaper changing. I can't image my life without Shaklee in it for so many reasons.

So, we have been taking some new approaches to building our business since we are looking to building quickly and since I have a new little one in tow. Some of our approaches are new for me since I primarily focused on building our business to this point through the use of inhome parties. I find myself in many ways feeling like a new Shaklee distributor going through the learning curve and all the challenges that it brings along the way.

I have found that I have moments where things do not go perfectly smooth. Which is how this business and life work, right? If everything went perfect then we would not appreciate the good times and successes. The key to making it in this business is getting through the tough times and to keep on going. It would be pretty easy to just throw in the towel and say, 'That is it, I'm done!'. But that does not get you to your 'why'.

Yikes! What if you are not clear as to what your 'why' is? Then when tough times come knocking, and they will for sure, you are in some serious risk of dropping out. It would be like going to college to get a degree without knowing what degree or job you would be getting once the 'joy' of college was over. Can you imagine sticking to school if you were just doing all the work and not getting the constant vision and dream of the reward at the end? No way! I don't think any of us are that good.

So knowing what your 'why' is and keeping it in the fore front of your mind will help you to keep plugging along through the good times and the learning opportunity times. When I remind myself 'why' I am doing this business I am equipped to tackle all that comes my way. Bring it on world, I am ready!

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