Thursday, December 6, 2007

Great news

I just found out the Oprah Special Edition Get Clean Kit has been extended until Dec. 31st!! You have one more chance to take advantage of this AMAZING offer! You get everything you need to create a healthy home free of harsh chemicals and toxins:

Window cleaner (equivalent to over 1400 16 oz bottles)
Multipurpose cleaner (equivalent to 120 16 oz bottles)
Degreaser (equivalent to 64 16 oz bottles)
Cleaning wipes
Abrasive scrub
Liquid laundry detergent (32 loads)
Liquid fabric softener (32 loads)
Dryer sheets (80-160 loads)
Laundry booster
Automatic dish wash concentrate
Liquid dish wash
Hand wash concentrate
Hand wash dispenser
2 microfiber cloths

If you went to Walmart to get the same equivalent cleaner power, you would have to spend $3400 and you would fill your house with dangerous chemicals!!

This month get it all, plus free membership which gives you the opportunity to purchase all future products with 15% off, for, are you ready!!! ONLY $89.60 (plus tax and shipping)!!

All the products are safe for you and your family and pets as well as the earth! They work amazingly well and come with a 100% money back guarantee!! These kits make a GREAT HOLIDAY gift for anyone who cares about their health, has asthma or respiratory concerns, or is very green!

Purchase directly from my website or call me 602-561-3137

Talk to you soon!

Scott and Breeta Garland
Shaklee Directors
602-561-3137 & 602-561-3125

Get clean, get healthy, get wealthy

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